Bruce Wade

Who is Bruce Wade?

Born in Zambia, educated in Jozi, then spent the next 15 years unlearning all the stuff they forced on us. Did my time in the corporate and NGO worlds. Now living in Cape Town, I have found freedom in self empowerment, entrepreneurship and innovation. 

 I am a free thinker creative with a passion for how the world fits together mathematically. I am incompetent in more ways than I am competent but willing to learn new concepts each day.  

I love talking to people about new ideas, strategy and world domination. I have the ideal life in mind but may never get there, but am keen to give it my best shot. 

I own and run the Entrepreneur Incubator and Academy. It is my passion to assist people with the development of their businesses from initial ideas to enormous enterprises. Together with our team of staff and associates we push the envelope on innovation, convenience and cooperation.

I am looking for a company or partnership that will challenge my thinking and creativity but also be willing to listen and use to some of my ideas and solutions. 

I am keen to meet and chat with anyone willing to listen to and use my ideas to move the world forward together.